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Usually a three-coat plaster application is considered requisite to rebuild wall. There is also a specific type of finesse you need to focus on. The whole thing should support the surface. It should also be capable of bearing its actual weight load without causing any cracks. Make sure that the surface comes out really smooth and hard. The final finished surface must be apt for painting or papering.

Coarse Coats
To start off with the plastering job, you need to apply 2 coarse/rough coats. This will give you the base for the third and the last crucial coat. This is the ritual religiously followed by professional plastering contractor in London. These coats consist of a mixture of the following:
Lime/gypsum: Lime is obtained from limestone. It can also be made from ground oyster shells. These days gypsum is replaced for lime as it is more efficient and dries faster.
Aggregate: Sand is known to be the most common aggregate utilized in rough-coat plaster
Water: This is used as per the requirement and quality of coats to be made.

All the above stated materials work for wall base. The basic coat is referred to as the scratch coat. This is because the coat is first scratched with a comb. This facilitates towards a rough surface. The second coat applied is a brown coat. This can be applied directly on to the scratch coat. The sand will offer the desired rough texture to the coat.

Final Coat
The final coat is also referred to as the conventional lime finish coat. This is basically a fine mix created by plastering contractor in London. The lime putty is set. The plasterer makes a putty circle on the mixing board. This is perfectly stocked up like a swimming pool. Thereafter the plasterer pours required amount of water into the putty circle. The water is sprinkled with plaster.

Waiting Period
The plasterer has to wait till the mixture of lime and plaster transforms itself. As soon as the slaked lime ceases to give off heat, the mixture is all set to be blended with the putty. This lime putty is the final plaster coat. This results in the desired hard and shiny final plaster coat. Some of the plastering contractor in London use spray bottle to keep the plaster wet as they try to smoothen it when giving finishing touches