and steadfast in its mission as a Montessori School.Our – You want the best instruction for your child, but this can be difficult. In choosing a Montessori Frisco area school, the fact that all such schools have the same basic curriculum may make it hard to choose the best. Of course, each school presents the curriculum according to their standards. The curriculum is designed for children from three years of age until higher elementary, or twelve years old. It addresses every aspect of a child, not just the academic area.

The child begins their education at the pre-primary level, advancing through the primary level and the elementary level, ending at age twelve at the upper elementary level. Focus starts on developmental areas, such as toilet training, and moves through all the academic achievements of higher levels. The multi-age grouping facilitates the modeling by older children, and encourages more academic interests. The focus on sensory, developmental, and academic areas addresses the whole child.

Skills for daily living are also taught at this level. This includes dressing skills, use of household tools and equipment, cleaning skills, and instruction in keeping areas clean and organized. Simple cooking and helping care for household animals is also addressed. The focus is to help develop a responsible adult citizen and household member, doing their part.

Simple academics are also introduced to the child at this age, in a manner that matches their age. They will be taught geography, for instance, by moving about their school and local area. Reading involves recognizing print as another means of communication, and that books are special and should be treated as such. Cooking chores involve measuring and pouring, introducing math skills at a simple level.

Difficulty of academic and other tasks increases as the child ages into elementary levels. More focus is directed on academics at this level. How to find everyday information is taught, such as how to use books and libraries to gain information. Life skills increase in sophistication, including consumer and banking skills. Travel about the community using public transportation or walking will be taught as well.

Banking skills and tax preparation skills will be addressed, as will the preparation of complete meals. The child will be taught to use tools and equipment at a higher level. Keeping a budget and child care, as well as skills for surviving on a daily basis will be addressed. This includes simple basic automobile maintenance. They will be instructed in how to obtain help when needed.

Subjects such as Language Arts, Math, and Science will be taught. Such subjects as Geography, Fine Arts, History and Geometry will begin to be addressed in a more academic way. Continued training in sensory areas will lead to the appreciation of music, art and architecture. Enhanced observation techniques will be taught so the child can discriminate variations in their environment.

All these subjects at Montessori Frisco area schools are taught at an accelerated level. The student who promotes from these schools to a public middle school will be advanced above most other students. They will also be equipped with the skills to care for themselves and be responsible students, family members, and community leaders. Leadership skills will be strong.